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Our Story

Although Cafe Calabria II was established in February 2023, our roots were set here in August of 2012. My brother, Chef Michael, had started the business at the age of 23, with the help of our father Chef Frank, our mother Rosanna, myself (Sandra) and our youngest brother Chef Gianfranco. My parents, Francesco and Rosanna Futia, both born in Calabria, Italy, have always had a love for food. My mother lived in the kitchen at home, my father always in the kitchen of the restaurant he owned, and us kids in the kitchen doing dishes. It truly was a family affair where hard work was required.


Growing up Italian, with a big family presence, our doorbell would always ring at dinner time. Whether it was a friend of mine, a friend of theirs, or a neighbor from down the street, I remember my father always inviting people to sit at the table to eat dinner with us. That’s not easy with 8 mouths to feed- but there was always enough. That is my hope for Cafe Calabria II. That every person walking through my doors, feels welcomed like you're eating in my childhood home. Enough food, enough drink, and enough bread to pass around the table. We invite you in, to dine with us, and experience the love of family at your dinner table.





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